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Road Closure

For the past couple of weeks it has been nicely void of traffic in Bilting and Godmersham - no heavy lorries, double decker buses, emergency vehicles or as many racing bikes and cars on the A28. However many of the vehicles to begin with tried using country lanes and dead end lanes much to their frustration and ours due to lack of diversion information. Two weeks on and there is better signage and hand written ones that tell you that there is access to East Stour Farm from Godmersham (photo 2 - At Godmersham crossroads by the village hall) and that its businesses are open as usual. I decided to nip out this morning in the pouring rain to take some photos of what the closure actually looks like (photo 3- view towards Chilham and Branch lane). This is the second if not third issue on the same stretch of road and is due to SE water issues. The photos below show the current closure and the one featuring blue spray marks (photo 1 - looking back towards Godmersham ) were where the previous issues with geysers got repaired.


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