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From Soakham Farm towards Godmersham

After you walk through Soakham Farm and leave it behind the path plants are varied, well able to sustain all the local furry and feathered friends around. Last year, my husband and I picked sloes along the path and made some jolly decent vodka with them. The views across to the Wye Crown are outstanding along the path too. As you start going up the hill, the canopy almost creates an arch over your head, keeping you sheltered on a scorching day. At the top of this bit is where the carpets of blue begin, just before you go through a gate and turn right at the concrete blocks,

Just last week I walked this section and took a photo of bluebell greens growing strong and found my first cowslip of the year. I am feeling confident that this years show of bluebells will be outstanding. This years walk will be anti-clockwise and we look forward to seeing you all there.


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