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Beautiful Bluebells

We look forward to seeing you all 2nd May 2022

I write this on a blustery but sunny day a week after the event should have taken place. Last week saw my husband and I taking a wander towards Kings wood after having parked up at the Challock village hall. We ventured across the cricket ground, through a new latch and swing gate

and over the road to a thin snicket at the side of some ones property. We opened the loosely tied gate and walked through an area which, for the land owners was greatly improved, with electric fencing separating off various areas, thankfully we ,the public, hadn't been forgotten and still had an area to walk through, Phew!!

Below are a few wonderful photos of Bluebells. Yay !! We will be up and running (or walking :) for you to be part of this amazing event on the 2nd May 2022.


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