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What Log?

Whilst out walking today, I ended up on the North Downs Way just above Soakham Farm, which is found between the Boughton Aluph and Godmersham stretch. The primroses were out, as were the more sheltered bluebells and both were looking beautiful. Anyone who knows this section, is glad to reach the top and the more level path that veers right. Just before you go through the gate at the end and past two big concrete blocks (to stop bikes) and into King's Wood, I became aware of mass movement and earth works either side of the pathway due to the demise of a veteran tree that had succumbed in a recent storm.

This photo shows me looking back down the path, with the gate behind me.

This image is to my right, again with the gate behind me, and I could see the mangled fencing, damaged by the tree. A most splendid open view.

This photo is taken from my left side and if you look carefully you can see my dog Taffy. As mentioned in my Bluebell blog, damaged, battered and bruised bulbs will take time to recover, but recover they will. By 2025 this bare patch will have new growth and the bluebells will reappear. 'What log' in the way, is now out of the way ;)

Many thanks to our unsung heroes who helped to clear our pathway, ready for the 6th of May!!!


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