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Last year's proceeds distributed at last!

The distribution of the net proceeds was much delayed due to the Gift Aid tax claim on our behalf by Diocesan House being held up due to the person responsible having had an accident. We decided on 27/12/19 to make a partial distribution, leaving the Gift Aid claim until it was in our bank on 27/1/20. The following shows the two payments and the total distributed:-

Payments to on 27/12/19 on 27/1/20 Total

Chilham church £695.49 £153.71 £849.20

Godmersham church £473.96 £48.77 £522.73 Boughton Aluph church £978.20 £230.32 £1,208.52 Challock church £692.98 £156.93 £849.91

Molash church £648.72 £145.61 £794.33

Kent Air Ambulance £784.18 £246.25 £1,030.43 Pilgrims Hospices £926.36 £292.84 £1,219.20 Total Distribution £5,199.89 £1,274.43 £6,474.32

This conveniently shows how much extra is made by the many UK tax payers completing the Gift Aid Declaration on their entry forms prior to setting out from any of the above five churches.

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