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Treasurer's initial report on 2016 Walk

Five Church Walk 2016 - First Indications

Although we seemed to be in a spell of Spring weather, Bank Holiday Monday dawned with a damp mist which persisted most of the day. During half an hour’s drizzle at about 10 am I felt very exposed walking from the top of Judith Rosato’s field of beans she kindly opened for us. (In much earlier years the route went alongside the noisy A252 before taking the lane up to Shottenden). But in fact this was better weather for serious walking than in the following days’ heatwave, with our numbers swelled by members of at least two rambling clubs.

As the following figures show, there greater numbers than last year, and because this year we simplified our records the numbers only include those donating. Not many had visited our <> so please spread the word about it so we’ll get more in future. Log on now to see my new route page galleries!

Chilham £1,690 from 252 walkers (240)

Godmersham £425 from 23 walkers (25)

Boughton Aluph £951 from 93 walkers (73)

Challock £837 from 89 walkers (94)

Molash £1,015 from 105 walkers (67)

Totally £4,918 from 562 walkers (499)

Due to the various starts & donations options available to walkers, I have a lot of analysis to do over the next few weeks. Then there is still sponsorship money to be collected & the gift aid tax reclaim (should comfortably exceed £1,000) by Diocesan House. So I won’t make a final distribution between churches before September.

However I’ll give updates in each month’s Parish News.

Chris Godfrey

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