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The Five Church Walk 2nd May 2016 soon

Last month’s big news was that The Five Church Walk was going to appear as an addition to the Kings Wood benefice website. But there is so much information to show that we decided to register our own domain name of It should be running by the time you read this, so do please log into it

Even if you do not anticipate walking yourself, you’ll learn a lot from the pages for each church (Chilham, Molash, Challock, Boughton Aluph & Godmersham) with descriptions of the routes between them. There are pages on the walk’s history since 29th April 1984, the procedures that have served so well, involving our volunteer stewards registering walkers at each church and of course our invaluable helpers in preparing and selling refreshments in aid of their church’s funds.

I have absolutely no doubt that the website will attract many more walkers than in the past. I should be able to distribute much more than usual to each of the five churches & to Kent Air Ambulance & Pilgrims Hospices (whose own websites will have links to ours).

That will mean many more hungry mouths to feed, so there is the potential to raise up to 50% more from the sale of refreshments payable straight into our church’s funds. But more volunteers will be needed to prepare sandwiches, rolls & cakes beforehand as well as during the walk day itself according to need (which is difficult to forecast). Serving starts from 10 am, building up for a long lunchtime, & then teas up to 5 pm, so I’ll be very happy to hear from volunteers to help the regular team

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