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Deferred not defeated ;-)

It is with great regret that for the second year running we have to cancel this year's Five Church Walk which would normally take place on the first May Bank Holiday Monday.

Hopefully we can hold the Walk at the usual time next year May 2nd 2022 when once again we can enjoy the bluebells at their best, hear the skylarks, cuckoos singing and woodpeckers drilling at their tree trunks. You will be following footsteps first paced out in 1984 and (almost) every year since.

To whet your appetites and for those new to the villages surrounding King's Wood, we walk between the churches of Godmersham, Chilham, Molash, Challock and Boughton Aluph almost all through the woods and fields. You can book in at any of these churches and either walk/run the entire circuit of 16 miles or leisurely stroll any one or more stages between churches, so there is something for everyone and their dogs. The route is arrowed and in 2022 it will be going Anti-clockwise as is written with the church names above. So if you start at Godmersham your next stop is Chilham and so on..

The proceeds from walkers' donations go towards the repairs and running expenses of the five churches and also to the Kent Air Ambulance and The Pilgrims' Hospice. It is each walkers choice which churches and/or charities to support.

And don't forget, you will (hopefully) be able to enjoy the delicious refreshments provided by each church team where there are also comfort stops and car parking as well.

For further information look on our website for information and photos (


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