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Changes at St Cosmas & St Damians Church, Challock over the years.

This years walk was as delightful as ever, it was exciting to explore the shortcut in Kings wood to Molash and a few photos can be seen in a previous blog.

Also this year there was a huge visual change outside Challock church. Trees were chopped down and opened up the whole area. It caused quite a stir and many thoughts and comments were vocalised.

“Most of Challock church folk” according to one senior chap, who was booking walkers in, “are really overjoyed to have the trees gone.” Why?? “ Because it makes the church lighter inside and it is as it was many years ago, and it makes life easier to tend the graveyard.”

Many are delighted with the change and one chap found me a photo back in the early 1950's before they were planted in the late 60’s. The 1973 film ‘Oh Lucky Man’ staring Malcolm McDowell included a sequence by the kissing gate on the edge of the wood showing trees at just over head height.

Beautiful vista from both directions . Coming down the hill now allows a stunning view of St Cosmas and St Damians church and looking back up provides another feast for the eyes with vibrant greens..

On a final note, I would like to add a photo in rememberance, of the known and unknown Soldiers and Animals in line of duty. May they all rest in Peace. May those of us who still stand and those generations born after, have our sights set on Peace and Good Will not war...

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