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Some Five Church Walks could be too hot!

Some May Bank Holidays pre 2010 were extremely hot & dry underfoot, unlike most recent Walks that have tended to have better walking conditions. This is a photo of me on a sweltering Five Church Walk, enjoying a pint from the White Horse at Chilham before checking in at the church. I can't remember which year it was, but some Spring Bank Holidays pre 2010 were too hot & dry underfoot compared to the better walking conditions recently. I recall I regretted drinking the beer as I walked the rest of the way to Boughton Aluph via Molash & Challock where the old route didn't enter the cool of the Kings Wood, but went through fields & orchards North of the A252.

Compare the above photo with this one taken in the morning of 2nd May 2016 between Chilham & Molash - though I remember it brightened up later & was sunny when I got back in Chilham.


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