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Transfer Website Updating to Caroline Old

Since my successful colon operation just before this year’s Five Church Walk I have been undergoing palliative chemo therapy for bowel cancer & am taking longer processing the paper work. The claim for Gift Aid tax refunds has gone in, but it could be a month or two before I'll make the distribution to the five churches & two charities after which I’ll hand over my Treasurership to a trusted friend.

I’ve now transferred the website to Caroline Old who will forthwith control it, though I’ll still have access to it until she no longer needs my online guidance. This will be when I hand over Treasurerhip to my successor who’ll become Chilham’s member of the Five Church Walk committee.

Caroline has been Godmersham’s committee member and I used many of her photos I used when designing the website in 2016. Also she took part in this year’s walk & has photos of the footpath variation in the Kings Wood this year which many walkers found an improvement. I know she’ll update our website more regularly than I’m now able to do, so keep checking it for breaking news!

Chris Godfrey

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