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Bank Holiday Five Church Walk is soon!

As I write this on 12th April it hardly seems like spring, being damp & misty, but I’ve been trying to walk a few miles every day to get fit enough to enjoy this year’s fundraising walk as I have done since it started. But as I’m now eighty I’m not going to try the whole 16 miles, instead I plan to start from Bought Aluph & finish at Chilham church to enjoy the refreshments. Provided there have been enough volunteers to prepare and serve them there should be enough food left for me.

It is not generally appreciated that the money from refreshments at each church last year averaged about £800, challenging the amount received by them from walkers’ donations. Both the income sources provide very significant contributions towards the cost of maintaining these lovely church buildings, such as the soak away currently being dug to drain water from beneath the north wall of Chilham church. Richard Armishaw, PCC Treasurer, is very thankful when he receives Five Church Walk cheques, so it is essential that it gets maximum support to continue to be the success of so many past years.

I’m optimistic that by 7th May the weather will be really springlike with none of the drizzle of the past two years. But whatever the weather there is always a lovely atmosphere, not only walking the country footpaths & lanes, but in the hustle & bustle of the churches themselves, each very different but all are welcoming. I’m looking forward to it as usual.

Chris Godfrey

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