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Time for you & friends to prepare to walk!

Although we tell walkers they only need turn up (with at least a fiver) at any church on the route, it is important not to leave unearthing your walking shoes/boots to the day itself, nor a light anorak in case it is cool or showery (as last year's enjoyable one was. It's usually sunny, so a sun hat, glasses & sun cream is advisable, and of course a camera.

Unless you intend to bring the kitchen sink, a back pack can be an encumbrance - each church meets all refreshment (at a modest cost) and toilet needs. Allow at least a quarter of an hour's relaxation at each one & enjoy a chat with helpers or walkers; with typically over 500 entries you'll be surprised how few you may encounter on much of your way. One may be me, as although I'm 80 I intend to go the whole way round & I usually ask "how goes it?"

Good Walking!

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