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Report published in Chilham Parish News November 2016 issue

At last we have balanced the books and distributed the net income from the successful event on 2nd May 2016. We received £1,210 income tax refund on the gift aided £4,839 out of the total £5,515 already banked after the walk. This shows how worthwhile it is for UK tax income tax payers to complete and sign the Gift Aid Declaration section of the entry form, though it may be inconvenient to write christian & surnames with first line of address & postcode before signing it. Unfortunately some writing was too illegible to claim what the walkers intended. Our expenses were £112 for printing posters etc, £219 public liability insurance and £103 to Wix with whom we registered our internet domain name and a year’s rental for the website which I designed. Launched in April, it was too late to have an impact on this year’s numbers, but the more visits that are made in the next few months to the easier it will be for anyone searching the web to find us. So do please log in to view the 20 odd pages with details & photos of this year’s walk; and talk about it to other people.

After retaining sufficient to meet next year’s expenses including £500 to replace another 100 red way-markers, this year’s (& last year’s) distribution cheques were for:-

Chilham PCC £1,067.38 (£1,150.14) Godmersham PCC £591.38 (£472.24) Boughton Aluph PCC £772.04 (£773.38) Challock PCC £834.59 (£674.78) Molash PCC £639.66 (£530.50) Kent Air Ambulance £693.34 (£803.17) Pilgrims Hospices £971.16 (£1,013.98) Total Cheques Paid £5,569.55 (£5,418.19)

Chris Godfrey (Walk Treasurer))

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