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First Interim Report After This Years Walk

All the donations paid to the registrars at each church on Bank Holiday Monday, 2nd May, have been checked and paid into the bank. Now I have the task of entering all entry form data onto spreadsheets recording how each walker wished their donations to be paid. This is not a simple job as there were seven boxes all of which could potentially be ticked, but as this could result in a church or charity receiving less than £1 each it is hoped that most walkers limited their choice to one or at most two. I can only do this in my spare time, so it could take several weeks, but I can report that I banked a total of £4,898 from 562 entry forms. Many covered several people, so there were possibly 200 additional walkers, making the day a success despite the damp weather. I took many photos en route to post on this website soon, so please keep visiting it; - you may even be on one!

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