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Welcome to our Website launched today!

As Chilham representative on our committee, and on behalf of my colleagues representing the parishes of Molash, Challock, Godmersham & Boughton Aluph, I welcome all visitors to our new website. I hope that you find our twenty pages not only interesting but fired up with enthusiasm to take part in our next walk on Bank Holiday Monday 2nd May 2016.

We have tried to give you all the information that you need to know; the F.A.Q's are all ones that we have been asked in the past, but we are prepared to add any not yet listed. Otherwise we do not expect to alter any pages significantly except perhaps to substitute more relevant pictures that come into our hands. I was surprised to find how few I had already myself or been given; moral - take a digital camera and use it on the walk.

However, this page and the adjacent one for photos are in blog form and will be regularly updated especially leading up to each year's walk and in its aftermath, so do visit our website frequently to check these pages. I have already posted copy that was published in Chilham Parish News which describes walking conditions in some recent years; Be assured that no Five Church Walk is ever the same but all are memorable. I've never found conditions to bad to enjoy in 30 odd years, so don't be put off if the forecast is showery; the Kent countryside is the best place to be.

Remember, all your money is going towards the good causes of your choice. Happy walking!

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