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The Five Church Walk 7th May 2012

We were very fortunate that the Five Church Walk was on the only decent day in over a week’s rainy weather, although there was about an hour of very light drizzle mid afternoon. But with gardens too wet to work in, & other activities also liable to be damp squibs, a walk in Kent’s lovely countryside was definitely the best option. I reckon that over twice as many walkers started from Chilham as last year, even if not doing the whole route.

That is the beauty of this walk; you can start & finish at any of the four churches – Chilham, Molash, Challock & Boughton Aluph. I hope that now Godmersham is part of our benefice it will rejoin, as only manning shortages caused it to drop out a few years ago. Walkers should appreciate that each church has teams registering them and serving homemade refreshments, as well as signs being put up on the day before & removed afterwards.

I found Kings Wood was very waterlogged in places but 24 hours later it had dried up, and the going was better than in a hot dry year when the ground is rock hard. So I’d say it was a vintage year for the Walk and everybody I met was clearly enjoying it. Chilham starters next year will go towards Boughton Aluph, a direction I heard that many took to avoid going up the steep Soakham Down. I shall propose that this become the direction applicable every year to avoid confusion affecting insurance cover, and, to avoid muddy feet in our church, a final approach by road up Church Hill. Further details next Spring

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