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Five Church Walk 2015 - First Indications

Although it rained the day before while I was showing the newly rejoined Godmersham team the ropes putting up red arrows for a brand new route up the Downs, the walk itself was in perfect conditions with bluebells the best I've seen them. As the publicity map shows, the 16 mile circuit is much more logical and having an extra refreshment break is welcomed by walkers, also by the churches whose takings were all substantial.

Thanks to advance publicity on the Pilgrims Hospice & Air Ambulance websites with our unusual posters, there was a 25% increase in numbers to almost 500 walkers. Discounting 25 starting at Godmersham nearly all these started from Chilham which ran out of the 200 numbers (allocated for the first walk in 1986), resulting in duplicated numbers creating difficulties (this is being dealt with for 2016). A much higher percentage paid just the suggested minimum of £5 so total overall income was lower than last year's record. But nearly all signed gift aid declarations, and the anticipated tax reclaim is included in the final estimated net figures:-

Chilham £1,930 from 240 walkers, est. net £912

Godmersham £382 from 25 walkers, est. net £384

Boughton Aluph £565 from 73 walkers, est. net £586

Challock £902 from 94 walkers, est. net £487

Molash £698 from 67 walkers, est. net £433 Totally £4,477 from 499 walkers

The reasons each church's estimated distribution (to be made late August once tax is recovered) is partly that I omitted to deduct cost of printing & insurance last year, but is mainly that the expected Air Ambulance share is £746 & Pilgrims Hospices £1,478 as the walkers chose

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